About the Author

Russell-Scott Emery has written film reviews and travel articles for magazines including Forbidden Angels, MB Magazine & 3SIXTY.  He lives in Hertfordshire, UK with his large collection of sixth scale film figures.  Figmentasia: The Quest for Truth is his first novel.

About Figmentasia


With an initial launch through Amazon Books of the eBook Youth Novel, Russell has started a storybook adaptation of Figmentasia: The Quest for Truth, and is undertaking the illustrations himself (Some of which can be previewed in the Gallery section.)


There will be a book launch in the summer to coincide with the launch of the physical book, Figmentasia: The Quest for Truth.


The second youth novel is in preparatory work and will look to bring some of the Norse legends into the world of Figmentasia existing Greek mythology.




Russell-Scott Emery can be contacted via email at

worldof@figmentasia.com, the quick form on the home page, or through the social media links below.



Watford Observer | Mattie Lacey-Davidson

20th May 2018




Amazon Reader | Nev Perry-Bartlett

20th May 2018


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